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Our Karate Training

Our Karate program is based on traditional Shorin Ryu. In addition to the striking fundamentals of Okinawan Karate we also incorporate skills such as falling correctly, joint locks, chokes, throws etc.
We utilize Thai Pads, Focus Mitts & Kicking Shields as part of our training in all classes. We hit things! All material is taught based on the students maturity level as well as skill level. We consider Kata to be a very important method of training, and we include sparring & basic grappling as part of the program.

Physical conditioning is a very important aspect of Karate training and while people of all fitness levels can and do participate, we try our best to raise your fitness level in all areas, ie. Flexibility, stamina, focus, core strength, etc.


We strive for excellence in our Dojo. We teach to the best of our ability and we expect our students to train to the best of theirs. Training in Karate is a life changing experience. It can be done by anyone at any age if taught correctly. Our Dojo is designed to provide a safe, well equipped learning experience for the novice student, and is well equipped for the advanced student. The deck is a padded Sports floor with a Wooden Man, Makiwara, & heavy bags. We supply focus mitts, Thai Pads, kicking shields, and skipping ropes. Traditional Hojo Undo, or Strengthening equipment is used. Mirrors, high ceilings, a flexible schedule, free parking and change rooms. Sorry, no showers.